Monday, November 23, 2009

Randolph Bresnick - spacewalking father

Nov. 22.
At CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida. – The crew of the Atlantis Shuttle are due for a other spacewalk today

Randolph Bresnik, a lieutenant Colonel in the US marine Corp and NASA astronaut, who is the Spacebound proud father of a newborn baby, is to make a spacewalk ouside the capsule for the second time within a three day period. He will be performing various minor tasks on the exterior of the International Space Station. He will be supported and assisted by Dr. Robert Satcher Jr.

They will be connecting a new full oxygen tank and various scientific experiments. The firstof the two spacewalks in this Atlantis mission were trouble free and a success, and were even able to perform extra worktasks, which left only a few minor tasks to finish up the mission criteria.

Bresnik is overjoyed after the birth of his new daughter Abigail Mae. She was born a mere few hours after his debut spacewalk on Saturday.

Atlantis will be undocked from the space station on Wednesday.

Randolph Bresnik is the 2nd ONLY man to becom a Father whilst in orbit, after Mike Finke, who became Father in the year 2004. The Atlantis crew were woken by mission control playing Butterfly Kisses which was chosen by the Bresnik's wife.



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